Friday, May 1, 2015



When obnoxious publisher "Fat Vinny" Vitali rejects their final manuscript, the authors try everything before they turn to murder!

There is no shortage of humor when Mob wife Maria Mancuso's true story, co-authored by best-selling authors Danny Garrett, a former FBI agent, and Margaret Stanton, a wealthy divorcee, is flatly rejected by the publisher from Hell. "Fat Vinny" Vitali, who tops the scales around 400 pounds, signed them to a contract for Maria's memoir--the one she came out of hiding to write--but what he really wanted was an investigative Mob book and the solution to who killed her late husband, Tony "The Nose," head of the notorious Mancuso crime family. The hit on "The Nose" is still unsolved, and entrepreneur Vitali, new to the publishing business, pictures himself becoming the King of True Crime books with this book.READ MORE

The problem was, never once in the year-and-a-half it took to write the book had he shared his vision with the authors, even though he sat in on most of the development meetings.
While many authors may have entertained less than friendly thoughts for agents or publishers who have done them wrong, Fat Vinny is one of those guys who begs to be hated. He wants what he wants and is determined to get it any way possible. He wants a Mob exposé, and when nothing they say changes his mind, he threatens to shelve the book forever. He won't give back the rights, even if they return the advance, because he's determined to show them he's the boss. With other things in the works for Maria, the only way they can get it back is if Vinny has a one-way ticket to the Happy Hunting Ground.

Unfortunately for them, Vinny seems to have 9 lives, because every diabolically clever scheme they devise backfires. Trying to bump off Fat Vinny is like hiring the "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" as hit men. Be prepared for a hilarious romp with clever plots that go wrong and some shocking twists at the end.

Definitely a fun read that will keep you turning the pages.