Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This photo was part of a Facebook post with photo credit for Denise Peacock-Lundell. I took one look at it and realized it was perfect for the new book WHO'S GOT THE MONEY? 
Morgan St. James

Jennifer, Kate and Cameron work for the Federal Association of Correctional Reform, or to put it simply the federal prison system. Kate and Cameron are marketing representatives for furniture manufactured in factories on the  grounds of nearly 100 prisons. Jennifer, on the other hand, is the controller for the marketing division. Her senses are zinging because she smells something rotten in the works but doesn't know what--just that it involves lots of money, so she confides in Kate and Cameron. After all, unlike the popular thought that prisons make license plates and that's small potatoes, in reality it is an EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR business every year. She is sure someone has their hand in the till.

The question is, Who's Got the Money? This funny book will lead you on a merry chase. Just as you think you've got it figured out, something else happens and the game is on again. Join the three bumbling Charlie's Angels wannabes as they peel away layer after layer of the plot.  


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