Thursday, March 27, 2014


This funny crime caper about embezzling from the federal prison system is now available in paperback and Kindle. Amazon PRIME members download the Kindle edition FREE.

Most people don't know that manufacturing in federal prisons is close to a billion dollar a year business. I know because for 4 years Caroline Rowe and I were Territory Manager Marketing Reps for the REAL prison manufacturing entity. We were inside factories, spoke to and dealt with inmates in the system and did lots of business...and I mean millions..with the military and other federal government entities.

We worked for a private contractor that handled the marketing function nationally and saw lots of questionable things going on in the private enterprise. After they went bankrupt owing the prison system money Caroline and I thought what fun it would be to create a  RIPOFF scheme that could really work using our knowledge of how things worked.

This is my 10th book and Caroline's first and we had a ball dreaming up our scam. A former FBI agent even said it could have worked. We were able to use lots of things that actually happened to us and even more from our imagination. If you like funny crime capers, twists and turns and surprise endings, you are going to love Kimberly, Kate and Cameron as their amateur undercover investigations often backfire but produce more than they ever expected to find.

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